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As the next generation struggles to gain a foothold on anything concrete that they can trust in, God is calling men and women like you, to reach them with his faithful love and truth. That is why learning how to hear the questions that young people are asking and being able to skillfully discern answers for them from scripture with the help of the Holy Spirit is Mission critical. We want to help you prepare the innovative leading and communicating skills that are necessary for your calling!

Innovate and Challenge 

  • Strategies for Youth Ministry

  • Hermeneutics I & II

  • Intro to Cognitive Neuroscience

  • Apologetics

  • Foundations of Theology

  • Homiletics I & II

  • Solutions Focused Counseling

  • Foundations of Life Calling

Experience the Realities of Student Ministry Today

Our list of partnerships with vibrant church youth ministries around the state of Michigan continues to grow. Your internship through Northpoint will give you experience in the field and help you apply what you are learning in the classroom.

Internship Partners
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