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Employment Rate*


Graduation Rate**


*Employment rate is based on the number of graduates seeking a position in their degree field and securing a position within six months of graduation.

**Graduation rate based on first-time students entering Northpoint in 2015

Accreditations & Endorsements 

Association for Biblical Higher Education: Northpoint College is accredited with the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE). The ABHE is recognized by the Department of Education in Washington D.C. and is a member of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). CHEA is the umbrella organization for Regional, Specialized/Professional, and National Accrediting Associations. 

Alliance for Assemblies of God Higher Education: Northpoint College has applied to the Alliance for Assemblies of God Higher Education and its status is presently under review. 


Michigan Department of Higher Education: Northpoint College is approved by the Michigan Department of Higher Education to grant the Associate of Arts and the Bachelor of Arts degrees in Ministry Leadership. 

Veterans Administration: Northpoint College is in the process of seeking approval with the Department of Veteran Affairs to assist veterans in securing benefits under the Title 38 program. 

Title IV: Northpoint College has applied to the U.S. Department of Education for approval to offer federal financial aid. 


MACRAO: Northpoint College is a member of the Michigan Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (MACRAO).

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