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Why should I consider Gather at the Gates?

Continuing education is essential to growth for every person, especially ministry leaders. Northpoint is opening 10 spaces in two classes for current Assemblies of God ministers looking to invest in their calling and be inspired in two fundamental areas of our fellowship; Missions and Pentecostal living. These two courses are offered at $175/credit hour, a 50% discount. 

Intro to Global Missions starts in Fall 2023 and Acts in Spring 2024. We hope to see you here!

MI 1212 Introduction to Global Missions

2 Credits - This course is an introduction to the foundations of the global mission of the Church. This class motivates the student to see his or her generation widely, to understand this generation’s spiritual needs with biblical clarity, and to respond to those needs effectively. Personal development, theological insight, and intercultural communication are seen as the key objectives for those who commit to follow God in global mission. Students are introduced to practical prayer techniques for involving the Christian community in missional prayer and are also introduced to the missionary processes of the USA Assemblies of God.

NT 2330 Acts

3 Credits - This course explores the historical and theological significance of the book of Acts. Special emphasis is placed on Christianity’s progression following Christ’s ascension, the pattern of church government that developed, and the theological principles and practical aspects for revival and missionary work. The faith that surfaced in the face of opposition and persecution, the work of the Church by the enablement of the Holy Spirit, and the continuity of Christ’s ministry by the Holy Spirit through believers to this present time are examined.

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- Levi Elarton
    Admissions Counselor

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