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If you're looking into secondary education because you feel called into worship ministry, odds are that you know you're missing something. More thank likely, you have already been given the opportunity to pursue your musical passions in your church and have hit a roadblock in your personal growth; both as a musician and as a leader. We are committed to helping you step into God's calling confidently and more proficient in the skills that you already have, with the ability to lead pastorally and theologically as well.

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Training for

Pastoral Worship Leading

  • Music Theory I

  • Music Theory II

  • Individual Musicianship

  • Group Musicianship

  • Music and Performance Technology

  • Essentials of Worship Leading

  • Song Writing and Arranging

  • Music in Ministry

  • Applied Lessons

  • Senior Worship Internship

Earn Your Minor

in Worship Ministry

The newly revamped Worship Minor here at Northpoint|GR coupled with our BA in Ministry Leadership is designed to help you go further, faster. Applied lessons with a more progressive flow to the course structure over the four-year degree period are designed to help every person grow in all areas of their gifting.


Opportunities to learn both in the classroom and through hands-on training and internship programs result in a well rounded educational experience. We want to help the next generation of worship ministers become great musicians and solid theologians as they shape the landscape of worship music!

Internship Partners
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