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Housing Information

Northpoint College only offers all classes on Monday and Tuesday to minimize the need for permanent housing and additional expenses for many in-state students. However, temporary and long-term housing may be necessary or desirable for students moving from out of state or longer commutes. Once accepted, students will be able to connect with new and current students who may be looking for roommates through a housing forum. Housing continues to be at the forefront of our minds for new students, and we are currently developing solutions that will be added to this page as they are made available. Please contact a Northpoint

Admissions Counselor at with any questions.


There are several apartment complexes within walking distance of the campus. These are available in a variety of configurations and at a reasonable price for students who want to live near the school.

Long Commute Hotel Option

The Hyatt Place South Grand Rapids is a nearby hotel that students have used in order to commute from longer distances around the state of Michigan. This location offers a number of amenities that make the prospect of staying short-term on a weekly basis both very comfortable and feasible. 

Ask About Housing

Housing Inquiries
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