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Personal Growth

Northpoint College takes seriously and is committed to individually and corporately experience the reality of being God's spiritual community. The direct activity of God, by the Holy Spirit, is welcomed in the individual and corporate life of the College through His experienced presence, His active calls to encouragement and repentance, and through the miraculous.

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Northpoint Chapel

Every Monday morning the Northpoint community gathers together for a time of worship. The student worship team leads the service with an enthusiastic and meaningful time of praise. Various speakers add to this encouraging and transformative atmosphere of God’s presence by challenging students to draw nearer to Christ, develop a heart for God’s mission, walk in purity, and pursue the call of God.

EQi Testing

The Northpoint family is interested in helping prepare all students and graduates to become healthy leaders who are life-giving followers of Jesus. All Northpoint students have the opportunity to participate in an Emotional Intelligence Assessment (EQ-i).


This assessment has been designed by professional psychologists to evaluate each person’s emotional and relational strengths. Upon completion of the assessment, students attend tailored workshops focusing on specific areas for personal growth and development. The workshops are hosted by a professional psychologist and leave students with simple, daily actions they can implement throughout the year. 



Assessments are issued each fall, allowing students to see their personal growth and progress throughout their time at Northpoint.

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Northpoint requires that students complete a sophomore (two credits) and senior (three credits) internship as part of the degree program. Students may choose from a variety of options of credible ministries to gain experience in their particular field. Internships include emphases in pastoral ministry (including youth and children), missions, worship, and psychology/counseling.


Internships are held during the summer months, and students may serve in their local congregations or take advantage

of the many opportunities provided by partner agencies with NorthpointGR.

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