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ON CAMPUS - 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

Orientation will be your first official day as a Northpoint College student! This day is essential for preparing for the first day of class and is mandatory for all incoming students. You will register for classes, get your course schedule, have your Student ID picture taken, take an entrance exam, and even meet your life group for the school year.

Be sure to mark it on your calendar once you've been accepted!


Since you have already registered for classes with Jamie (if not please click on the Questions link below), registration at orientation will simply be confirming your registered classes, signing your registration sheets, and be paying 50% of the fall tuition.

Entrance Exam

Students in the Bachelor of Arts program are required to take a Bible, Theology, and Ministry Leadership Exit Examination during their senior year and the entrance exam is used as a benchmark to calculate growth.

Join your Life Group!

Life groups continue to be a more and more integral part of student life and personal development here at Northpoint|GR. Having a group of peers who are there to support and encourage you throughout the upcoming semesters in your studies and walk with the Lord is vital to healthy growth. At orientation, not only will you get a chance to meet these awesome people, but you will be able to compete in your first Life Group activity! 

Online Writing Seminar

Writing your first papers at Northpoint can feel like daunting task when you start looking at your syllabus. We want to be able to alleviate some of that intimidation by introducing you to Turabian Style research writing and refreshing those grammar and composition skills before you step into the classroom. The online writing seminar will give you tips and systems for successfully formatting, researching and writing well crafted papers!  

Questions about Orientation 2024

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