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What is the college's track record for equipping people like me, going into my field?

Investing in your education is exactly that; an investment. You trade your time and money to be equipped to do the work that God has called you to do. When you walk across the stage at graduation, you want to be one of many who are confident and competent to fulfill their callings.


How do I plan to pay for my college tuition?

Seriously. This is really important. You want to be at a college that offers dramatically lower costs than the national average and allows their students to graduate with little to no debt. The last thing you want is to prepare for your calling and then be unable to fulfill it because of student debt.


Do the people who lead, teach, and graduate the college have the kind of character I want to have?

Who you are is more important than what you know. Character determines what you do with the skills that you've prepared for. When it comes to developing that character, it is important to consider who you allow to have the most prominent voice in your life.


Is this the kind of community that I want to spend the next four years of my life with?

Your community during your education experience should strengthen and encourage a passionate relationship with Jesus. Opportunities to be impacted deeply by His presence both in the classroom and out of it are essential to spiritual growth and health!


Is the college connected to the kinds of opportunities and organizations I see myself involved with in the future?

Your time in college isn't just about surrounding yourself with a great community, it's also about being a part of building a great community. The connections you make during this short time can be part of the support system you have for a lifetime.

Take a look at how Northpoint can help answer some of these important questions!

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