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Our Campus

Northpoint College offers a state-of-the-art learning environment. With our entire campus being housed by our partners in leadership and vision, Grand Rapids First, the cost of each credit hour has remained the same since 2010. With their generous complete renovation of 60,000 sq. ft. of educational space, we have been able to facilitate over 100 students every week. Learning is the priority, but our campus provides plenty of room for community as well!

The Library

Northpoint College has a 3,000-volume library tailored to the courses provided. Students are also given access to an online periodical database that features thousands of academic papers and abstracts for researching papers at the highest level. For further study, students can visit the local libraries at Cornerstone University or Hekman Library at Calvin College and Theological Seminary. Check-out cards are available from both for a modest fee.


Outdoor eating and studying spaces are available near the main entrance of the campus so that students are able to get some fresh air during class, lunch and dinner breaks. The gymnasium in the middle of campus serves as a great place for stretching your legs with a quick shoot-around or a walk with your classmates; especially during the cooler months.

The Commons

The Commons on the second level serves as a community gathering area. Frugally minded students who bring their own food can store it in the refrigerators, counter drawers, and shelving space that has been provided. If you have time, grab some friends for a game of pool or fussball! Community activity nights are also held here from time to time.

Places Nearby

If you just need to clear your head for a bit, there are plenty of local restaurants, coffee shops, and familiar franchises to get to in 10 minutes or less! Just head North or South on Byron Center Rd. or; East or West on 44th St.

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