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Designed for leaders already serving in full-time ministry, 26 years of age or older, or in an approved partner program, Virtual Attendance allows students the ability to be engaged in live, taught courses on the campus of Northpoint with the flexibility of attending from their own home or office.  

Students who meet the criteria, and approved for virtual attendance, fully participate in the class and complete the same assignments, assessments, and objectives as traditional, on-campus students.


For the purposes of this policy only, a non-traditional student is defined as and must meet at least one of the following criteria:

1. The student has been in a full-time, compensated ministry position for three or more years before the first day of the upcoming academic year begins. Full-time is defined as having been hired at a full-time rate of pay with accompanying full-time benefits according to their employer’s personnel handbook.

2. The student is 26 years of age or older at the time of program commencement.  

3. The student is enrolled in a program with an articulated affiliation with the Grand Rapids Campus of Northpoint that allows for attendance via the “virtual classroom.” One or more of the criteria being met does not automatically ensure enrollment either in the College or approval for virtual attendance. Students must reside in the State of Michigan to participate.

Program Details


Associate or Bachelor of Arts Degree in Ministry Leadership

Optional Minor: 

  • Psychology Minor

  • Worship Minor not available with virtual attendance


Associate of Arts – 62; Bachelor of Arts – 126


Accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education [ABHE], a Federal Department of Education recognized accreditor and member of the Council for Higher Education [CHEA].

Coursework in the program includes:

  • Scripture interpretation and application

  • Evangelism and discipleship strategy and processes

  • Oral and written communication

  • Interpersonal and group dynamics

  • Conflict management

  • Leadership and vision development

  • Personal and ministry finances

Additional Technology Fee:

  • $50 Per Course

One degree. Multiple Applications.

Many opportunities for you to learn

in the area of your passion.

The degree focus varies based on the ministry that you choose and feel called to. Each emphasis will guide your educational experience at Northpoint|GR, can be geared towards your area of study,

and highlight specific courses that coincide with that focus.

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