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The Bible records Jesus telling his disciples in Matthew 28:19-20 that as they go they are to make disciples of all nations, teaching them in all that He had commanded them. While as a college, we seek to instill this missional mindset of discipleship in all of our students, we also want to recognize that some may have a calling to a certain area or people group of the world. Come and see how the coursework and opportunities to travel with our missions partners abroad on missions or study trips, offer a chance for you to participate in God's mission of redemption in a cross-cultural context. 

Prepare for Missions

  • Global Missions

  • Evangelism & Discipleship

  • Pentecostal Leadership

  • Acts

  • Personal & Ministry Finance 

  • Ethics

  • Crisis & Trauma Counseling

  • Apologetics

Go Outside Your Community

Our partnerships with missionaries and organizations around the world that will give you experience in the field and help you apply what you are learning in the classroom to a global perspective.

Internship Partners

Stretched, Ready for Action

"As a student, Northpoint helped pull me out of my own little world and opened my eyes to the importance and reality of missions. They emphasized what it meant to be “missional” – a word that requires action, and that action meant stepping out of my comfort zone into the unknown. Knowing what it meant to be missional helped me tremendously during my time in Ecuador, as I was confronted by the unknown and pushed out of my comfort zone."

Jamie Carter

Northpoint|GR Alumni

Former Missionary to Ecuador

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